Nov 10

Now THAT’s a real Argentine Tango. Me Gusta!!!

All the “professional dancers” on America’s Dancing With The Stars need to be fired immediately because they have all been shamelessly lying to the American people with their falsely choreographed Argentine Tangos.

Bailando Por Un Sueno (translation: Dancing For A Wet Dream), the Argentinian version of DWTS is my new favorite show that features 32 Argentine celebrities who dance like they are auditioning for Hustler & Scores strip clubs.

In the video below, Silvina Escudero and Nicolás Scillama take off their clothes, touch each other in inappropriate places and imitate more sexually acrobatic positions than I’ve seen in a porno while “dancing” to Aerosmith’s song “Crazy.” I demand we start a world-wide petition to replace Alicia Silverstone with Silvina Escudero in the “Crazy” music video unless Alicia agrees to re-do this video with Silvina’s dance moves and outfit.

The finale is the greatest part as Nicolás throws Silvina on a desk, removes her bra from her suffocated titties and gives her left breast CPR and rescue breathing with his mouth.

Now that’s what I call a real Argentine Tango. Me Gusta!!!!

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By the way, now I TOTALLY understand why 67-year-old Steven Cowan shot his TV with a shotgun after seeing Bristol Palin’s performance on Dancing With The Stars. This man does not have bi-polar disorder as sources claim, this man simply watched too much of Argentina’s Dancing With The Stars and totally expected Bristol’s dress to come undone after she cock-teased everyone with that thigh-high slit dress. Cowan was just a little disappointed that not even a little nip-slip happened so big deal, he fired at his television set and then aimed the gun at his wife. The SWAT team showed up and saved the day.


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