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Madrid Paid for This…

In case you didn’t hear, Paris Hilton now has her own motorcycle racing team – SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton, which will compete in 2011’s 125 cc MotoGP World Championship season (whatever that means). Now it makes perfect sense why Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian are bffs..not only do they share the amateur porn star title in common but these two will put their names on the most bizarre product endorsementdeals.

Paris couldn’t  believe she now owns a racing team either:

Paris announced the launch of  SUPERMARTXE VIP in Spain this weekend and yes the color pink is one of her team’s racing colors, naturally. Paris celebrated by hosting the Supermartxe VIP party at club Fabrik in Madrid.

Thank God for Youtube because somebody taped Paris’ “performance” at the club and I stumbled upon this gem showing Paris Hitlon doing her usual slut moves of getting down on her knees, touching herself and bending over every 5 seconds in a true effort to look effortlessly sexy while sometimes remembering to open her mouth to sing along with the song. Please ENJOY and if after watching this video you can explain to me what you just witnessed, then your IQ must be a lot higher than mine.

Here are some pictures of Paris Hilton aka Motorcycle Barbie from the launch.

P.S. Nice boobjob, Paris

paris hilton 2 181210

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Paris Hilton presents Supermatxe Motorcycle Team at Hotel ME Madrid, Spain - 18.12.10**Available for publication in UK. Not for publication in the rest of the world**Mandatory credit: WENN.com

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