Jan 11

Jersey Shore Episode 3 Best Moments

Apparently MTV aired a “special” episode this past Monday on Martin Luther King day and in honor of MLK I chose to follow his method of nonviolence, hence I couldn’t partake and engage in the violence of Episode 3. Ok, fine I missed the damn episode so here are the best animated moments:

Snooki went tanning and her ass got burned so what did she do? That’s right, she stuffed her ass in a refrigerator to cool it off.

Snooki went on 24 hour drinking binge and one of the things she did was faceplant on the beach:

Snooki was super horny and begged to play with Vinny’s penis:

Vinny rejected Snooki’s plea to touch his nice big penis and Jwoww explained to Snooki it is because he cares too much and doesn’t want to hurt her:

SHOCKER: Sammi and Ronnie had a fight and Sam accused him of cheating:

Sammi, when are you gonna stop this shit? Ronnie told you already: he is not a whore:

Jwoww’s boobs looked phenomenal:

Vinny pointed out that Ronnie has two kinds of laughs,  one like a little girl and another like a “dolphin on steroids”

Snooki continued to be a hot mess:

And then she got arrested and told the police officers to get the fuck off her arm while being handcuffed:

She also tried to convince the Jersey Shore police to let her go because she is a fucking good person:

And that was Episode 3. Episode 4 recap coming shortly.

Images via Fuckyeahsn00ki

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