Mar 11

Snooki Attacks Like a Squirrel Monkey

I won’t lie. I know absolutely nothing about WWE but I tuned in last night to catch Snooki as a special guest on Monday Night Raw, and I must say it was pretty damn exciting!  The 4’9 oompa loompa wore black booty shorts, a leopard jacket, platform leather boots and attacked what looked like a hybrid between a tranny and a possum, named Vickie Guerrero.

Snooki spread her legs & jumped Vickie because she probably confused her with a juice-head gorilla from the Jersey Shore. An Angelina Jolie on steroids lookalike, Trish Stratus joined Snooki in the ring and “defeated” the possum tranny, prompting the possum tranny  to issue a WrestleMania challenge to Snooki, which she enthusiastically accepted.

And there you have it ladies in gentlemen, thanks to WWE we now all know what “fucking attack you like a squirrel monkey” looks like. Enjoy the video below:


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