Mar 11

William Levy Might Save the Real Housewives of Miami

William Levy, a Cuban actor/model/panty creamer and walking orgasm made an appearance on last night’s episode of Real Boring Housewives of Miami, the lowest Real Housewives franchise in ratings on Bravo.

I’m not even going to dive into dissecting last night’s episode, because frankly I didn’t pay any attention to that nonsense. However, I do have one question: when Marysol’s husband to-be stood atop a mountain in Aspen and said “I do,” did he at all have a glimpse into the future when his wife’s face begins to resemble her mother’s, Elsa’s face in 10-20 years?

Dear Bravo, maybe your ratings are so low because Elsa, the self-proclaimed witch is scaring your viewers away.

So I have come up with an astounding, revolutionizing and brilliant proposition for Bravo to increase viewership for Real Housewives of Miami: less Elsa and more William.

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