Apr 11

Guess Who Else is Bipolar?

“I have extreme bipolar and I am taking medication for this.”

Jean-Claude Van Damme
is yet another celebrity who claims to suffer from bipolar disorder. Really? I mean does this body look bipolar to you?

I blame  Charlie Sheen. Ever since he’s spurned the media’s use of the word “bipolar,” we have more out-of-work stars jumping on the wagon (cough – Catherine Zeta Jones – cough). Am I missing something or has the word “bipolar” become the new gateway to making sure your name stays in the headlines?

Shit, somebody put this blog in the freaking news and call it the most bipolar blog on the internet that needs to be locked away immediately.

Q: Why did you create YKYC?
A: Because I am bipolar.

Q: Why do you talk so much shit about Kim Kardashian on your blog?
A: Because I am bipolar.

Q: Why are you asking yourself questions in a pretend Q&A?
A: Because I am bipolar and I’m not taking medication for it.

But let’s pray that Jean-Claude beats his bipolarness and that I never defeat mine.

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