Aug 11

Gaga in Drag and Britney Spears Almost Kissed


In 2011, Lady Gaga opened the VMAs in drag as her male alter-ego, Jo Calderone. In case you haven’t met Jo Calderone, go here to watch the You & I video where Jo makes an appearance.

Anyways, Lady Jo gave Britney Spears some bullshit award for being the best lip-synching inspiration to everyone and then tried to kiss her…

Britney! Why did you not kiss Lady Gaga? Damn, I woulda been all over that.

p.s. what the FUCK were Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry wearing?

Nicki - nobody wants to see stuffed animals, we are not 10 anymore and neither are you. Everybody wants to see that big fat ass of yours so next time wear an outfit to accentuate that, ok?

and Katy, take that damn block of cheese off your head and stop blocking everybody’s view behind you. Just NO.

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