Aug 11

I’ve Officially Seen Nicki Minaj’s Nipple More Times than I’ve Seen My Own Today

The two topics of conversation today were: last night’s episode of the Jersey Shore and this morning’s nipslip of Nicki Minaj on Good Morning America.

Ironically, one of Nicki’s boobs popped out as she sang her latest single “Where Dem Girls At” – well at least we know one of her girls was on cue!

After seeing her nipple, what I’d like to know is whether her boobs are real like the rest of her body? Her breasts are really round and kind of perfect looking…REAL OR FAKE?

Honestly, there is no big deal here. Nipples are natural; Black women with blond hair are not. But black women with a big ass are so enjoy the Eighth Wonder of the World that is Nicki Minaj’s ass below:

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