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Jul 12

It’s Everybody’s Favorite Day of the Week…Happy Thong Thursday!

She’s back!!

After a few recently failed attempts and lack of creativity for Thong Thursday, Coco has finally gotten in touch with her booty and seems to have her groove back!

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Jun 12

“Thongless Thursday” is NOT Approved.

Dear Coco,

just because its 99 degrees today in NYC does not mean you can skip out on Thong Thursday by  pulling down your jean shorts to reveal that you are in fact not wearing a thong and posting this “Thongless Thursday” trash.

We demand a do-over. Please go to your nearest Victoria’s Secret, purchase a thong, put it on and re-take this scenic photograph while you “admire the view from your room in Trump Soho NYC” in your damn thong!!! Thank you.

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May 12

You Know What Time It Is! Happy Thong Thursday!

Yes, Coco.  You are the first girl in a thong to pose with a custom helicopter. UPGRADE.

We’ve seen it all…Coco with a motorcycle:

Coco with a car:

Coco with a staircase:

Coco with a laptop:

Coco with gym equipment:

It’s a fact. Coco’s ass makes anything look good.

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Jan 12

I’m About to Cancel Thong Thursday!

Above is this week’s Thong Thursday photo.

Below is last week’s Thong Thursday photo:




that’s right..there was none!

Coco is slacking big time! No pic last week, and this week – this WEAK photo? Wherefore hast thou gone, Coco’s creativity?

And no, accompanying that boring photo with an “I got a heart-on for my Twitter Followers” tweet does not count as creative. That is cheesy.

Now THIS is creative:

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