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Apr 12

Don’t Be Fooled by the Rocks That She’s Got, She’s Just, She’s Just Kimmy from the Block

What does one wear on a tour of neighborhoods in Queens? A pair of Jordans, naturally.

Kim K’s attempt at looking ghetto-chic while rocking leather pants and a pair of Jordans, a la Kanye West, should not be repeated ever, again.

I haven’t seen someone try to fit in so hard since Michael Jackson dipped himself in bleach, oh wait…too soon?

What’s next, KK? Cornrows?

Oh already did that for your never released music video with your bf, Kanye:

Oh look, here is a sight we are all used to seeing, Kim Kardashian with her mouth wide open around balls:

This is too much for my mind to process on a Monday. I honestly don’t know what’s worse, Kim K rocking Jordans to play basketball in Queens or her half-sister Khloe “playing” in 6 inch Louboutins.


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Feb 11

Daily KKK Update – Lamar is undoubtedly a Kardashian now

Dear Lamar Odom,

are you fucking kidding me with this commercial?? Khloe and Lamar did what a typical Kardashian does, gets naked and presses the “record” button to advertise their new unisex perfume (unisex, really?) called Unbreakable.

I seriously don’t know what’s worse: seeing Khloe and Lamar naked or listening to these cheesy lines:

There is something sexy about a couple sharing a scent.”
Soft yet powerful, strong but sensual.
That perfect mix of masculine and feminine. There is a beauty of believing one cannot exist without the other.
That sometimes the bond between two souls is truly unbreakable.

Will someone please pass me a puke bucket?

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Jan 11

Daily KKK Update

While everyone is speculating that Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom are getting their own reality show because she’s knocked up, I’m pretty sure she will release an “I’m just fat” statement any minute now on Twitter, where else.

Kim Kardashian has been busy getting injections everywhere on her body to make everything bigger except one part that needs it the most – her brain.

oh and  the three sisters plus their pimp, Kris are all getting sued for $75 million dollars for breach of contract for their stupid Kardashian Kredit Kard.

Apparently they signed a two-year agreement to endorse the kard but then terminated the deal after their fans threatened to stop buying all the products they are endorsing on a daily basis due to the kard’s hidden fees. The kard was $99.95 to purchase, $7.95 per month, $6 for customer service calls (because u know Kim is on the other line answering and her time is money!) then up to $500 in penalties for lost cards.

Dear God,

don’t be so hard on these girls. Talented girls like them should have a very easy life that comes with a closet full of Louboutins, a refrigerator full of botox syringes and a video-camera to make reality or porn clips for our entertainment.


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Jan 11

Ryan Seacrest Has Done it Again. You’re Welcome, America.

GLORIOUS NEWS: The actual father of the Kardashian clan and their biggest cheerleader, Ryan Seacrest made his first New Year’s resolution come true by penciling in a Khloe and Lamar reality show onto E’s weekly roster. Khloe Kardashian just made the announcement on her website:

Ok dolls, it’s official! Lamar and I will soon begin filming our very own show on E! called Khloe & Lamar! WOOOOHOOOOOOOO! How exciting is this?! It’s been an option since we got married, but we wanted to enjoy our first year in private. With Keeping Up with the Kardashians, only a very small part of our life together is shown, but with this show, we’re putting it ALL out there LOL. Rob will play a major role in this too since he lives with us. He’s basically like our son LOL. With the three of us living together, it’s honestly like a sitcom. Trust me, there will be a lot of laughs.

Lamar and I could not be more thrilled about this. It’s show time baby!!!!”

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. This show doesn’t even need to hire any writers because the plot of every single episode will go something like this:

Khloe wakes up in bed alone because Lamar is at basketball practice.
Khloe wanders around the house, bored and wakes up Rob to play with her.
Khloe and Rob play dress-up all day long until Lamar comes home.
Khloe jumps on Lamar as he walks through the door and the two depart to the bedroom.
Rob is bored and knocks on their door to play with him.
Khloe tells Rob to go away and get a job and to stop invading their privacy.
Everybody goes to sleep and the next day the same thing happens all over again.


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Dec 10

KKK – the Kardashian Kristmas Kard

What in the hell kind of a Kristmas Kard is this???? Khloe Kardashian just posted this on her blog and farted:

“Christmas cards have always been a REALLY big deal in my family. For as long as I can remember, my mom has made it a point to go all out, whether it was a ninja turtles themed card, or bringing a Santa into the mix, each year she always managed to top the year before. I’d have to say though that our card this year might be my favorite. It turned out beautifully — just SO glam! Plus, Mason is in it, which makes it even more special. Look at him standing there in his pinstripe suit, SUCH A LITTLE GENTLEMAN!!! LOL. I love it!”

For some strange & unexplained reason, every time I look at this card I want to play a game of “Where’s Waldo?” Only in this game, Waldo is the only person without any plastic surgery and looks “naturally” dark, if you will.

And I really hope Santa will not leave any more botox syringes under the Xmas tree for Kim because her face is starting to look like Joan Rivers’. WTF is up with her eyes?


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Sep 10

Maybe if Lamar played with Khloe as much as he plays video games, she’d be preggers already


A few days ago, Khloe Kardashian blogged about Lamar’s surprise vow renewal ceremony on their one-year wedding anniversary!

Every time I happen to catch an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians hating on Scott Disick” I learn a lot of drama about every single one of them besides Lamar. You know why Lamar is the most drama-free person on that show? Lamar is drama-free because whenever they show Khloe and Lamar’s house, Lamar is always in front of a TV playing video games. If Lamar is not playing video games, he is asking Khloe where Rob is because he wants someone to play video games with.

Khloe, I think it’s time you put your foot down and demand that Lamar plays with you instead of playing video games. Next September, on your 2-year anniversary I suggest you surprise Lamar with this cake.

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