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Apr 11

I Pledge Allegiance to the Double D’s of the United States of America

In an appearance on Lopez Tonight, Russell Brand chatted about his married life with Katy Perry and admitted that he has no plans of becoming an American citizen.

“I am married to an American but I don’t know the Pledge of Allegiance; I’m not planning to give up my Englishness or anything… I love the people of America… but I’m very proud of being English.”

Maybe one day Katy Perry’s boobs will hypnotize him into changing his mind.

Check out his hilarious appearance on Lopez in the vid below:


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Dec 10

You Know How I Know Russell Brand is Gay?

Russel Brand decided to post this picture of Katy Perry without her face mask on to his Twitter. Why oh why, did Russell decide to share a picture of Katy’s makeup-free face instead of a picture of her natural double Ds for all of the world to see??? HUH? Please try again.


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Nov 10

Apparently Queen Elizabeth has a Royal Big Bosom

After appearing on last night’s episode of Conan, funny ex-heroin and sex addict Russell Brand had me googling “Queen Elizabeth II + big boobs” like a mad man after he recalled his meet and greet with Britain’s Royal Family, specifically Queen Elizabeth’s big bosom.

My attempts at finding pictures of the Queen’s big rack weren’t very successful since every picture that came up in Google images showed the Queen covered up like a conservative monarch. But I’ll take Russell’s word for it.


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